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After a difficult birth with my first baby, the girls at Blown Away Birthing helped me to lay my birthing demons to rest and enabled me to actually enjoy the birth of my second - who knew that was possible?! Not only that. But they have provided me with resilience and mindfulness skills to take forward into my parenting and professional life. I would (and do!) Recommend the Wise Hippo Birthing programme to anyone who will listen (pregnant or not!) Xx



Through doing the course with Letty I learnt so much and was able to really enjoy and even look forward to the birth of my baby. I ended up having the straightforward home birth that I wanted and don't believe that this was a coincidence. The tools we learnt in the course helped me feel safe and in control throughout my labour and I really recommend to all


We'd like to thank you so much for the positive difference your Hypnobirthing classes made to the birth of our second child, Zachary. I had not realised how many unresolved feelings I had about my first birth experience and you allowed us the space to explore this further and put them to rest so that we could look forward to the birth of our second child. We learned so much from your classes and felt that you provided information in a truly unbiased way so that we could make informed decisions about our birth plan. You were so open and non-judgemental that we felt able to ask questions about anything. Robin felt much more involved in decision making and empowered to advocate for me at the birth, rather than feeling like a bystander like he did at the birth of our daughter, Amelie. So thank you again Letty, we will always be grateful to you for giving us the skills to do it on our own.


I felt totally in control, Tony was brill and the midwife was respectful of our hypnobirthing. Thank you so much for the techniques you taught us, they definitely helped keep us calm throughout the experience.

Kathryn & Tony


Hello - You were right about everything. It was so so much simpler and more enjoyable. Ben was my hero and he remembered everything - kept me calm, the room dark with minimal lighting, we had the ‘relax with nature’ on until the end, stayed at home for 4 hours, lavender really helped, candles, the midwifes loved him as he had all the answers. But most importantly without you  I would have been lost - instead when it came to it I think I remembered everything from our lessons to make Lylas entrance the most memorable and enjoyable birth. Thank you xxxx

Kulsoom, third baby

I still can't believe we did it! Had the pain relief free, home water birth we wanted so desperately thanks to the amazing support of my husband who I couldn't have done it without, who used all the techniques we were taught by Letty. For those that say we were "lucky" to have the birth we wanted it's simply not true, we put in the studying and work to make this possible. If I can do it, anyone can! 


My husband and I were sceptical at first and couldn't understand how giving birth didn't have to be a terrifying experience.  However Letty was amazing at explaining the mechanisms of birth and teaching us the breathing techniques that were invaluable in the delivery room.  

By gaining more knowledge about the whole process we felt more confident and more in control when our baby was born.  Even though we didn't get the exact birth experience we wanted, we were prepared for the one we got.

Mindi & Dan


​Trev and I welcomed our beautiful daughter into the world on Monday evening. The birth experience could not have been more different to that of our first baby and I thank Letty and the hypnobirthing techniques for that. The course left me feeling confident and in control leading up to and during my labour and we’re so thrilled that we got the birth that we wanted 😊 thank you! Xx



My wife is due in a month and her view on giving birth was pain and fear. Now we are relaxed and happy and my wife is ready to say no to drugs and try to use the techniques Letty gave her to have a pain free, natural birth. For me (a man!), I was sceptical, but now I know so much and I cannot believe more people don't do this. I'm ready to help my wife and know what to expect! Thanks so much Letty! OUR HERO xx



After a surprise positive pregnancy test, I was excited and terrified in equal measures. I had no experience of babies at all and all I had heard about births were how horrific they were and how much could go wrong. This followed shortly by many complications throughout my pregnancy,  which meant I was spending a lot of time in hospitals and felt that I was thoroughly failing already. My partner and I attended the course and it was nothing short of amazing. It helped us both gain the knowledge and confidence we needed to navigate through some really challenging and emotional times and at the end of the sessions I had gone from wanting as much intervention as possible to planning a home water birth. When baby was still breech at 36 weeks you there with support and guidance, and when we felt pressured by the doctors to make decisions (such as having an elective caesarean) you were an absolute rock, providing us with information and me with much needed emotional support as, again, I felt I had failed at the last hurdle. I went into labour a little early and as baby was still breech I needed an emergency c-section, but you had taught us all the necessary skills to accept change, take control where we could and in the end we had a truly amazing birth experience, even if it wasn’t what I had so wanted. The course is so empowering and not at all ‘hippy’. If you are in two minds about attending this course I would say to definitely go for it, and you won’t find a better person to help you along your own birth story. I will be forever grateful for all you have done for me, my partner and my perfect little lady.



You did such a good job helping us get ready for the birth of our first baby. The classes were relaxed and informative. We thoroughly enjoyed every second of our baby’s birth and I’m sure this is in big part to the work we did with blown away birthing.



I should first point out that this review is from the keyboard of a 6 week old Dad. So its my hope this may be of help to any expectant women who need some help convincing their other halves about whether a hypnobirthing course is worth his time and effort. I'll be honest, I initially came along to Letty and Flick's Wise Hippo course with my expectant wife, half expecting it to taken through some new-age weirdness or to be put under for 3 hours and find my Mastercard maxed-out the following day. If they did anything, it was to completely change my preconceptions of how labour really could be. Forget insane traumatic birth scenes from One Born Every Minute, Twilight Breaking Dawn or Star Wars Revenge of the Sith because all of that is hyped nonsense. If you genuinely go in with open eyes and spend 4 evenings with Letty and Flick I can promise you, you'll have the most happy, memorable birth you can only imagine. My wife and I went away from each evening genuinely looking forward to the birth of our baby girl, confident it was just going to be...easy. If anything, hypnobirthing prepares you for the big day on a level that NCT and other peoples' experiences never will. Because of that, you won't be nervous or worried which in turn will make the labour easier for both mum and her partner. That plus all their tremendously useful advice meant that we had the brilliant birth we could have only dreamt of, with even our baby arriving calm with her eyes open and not a single cry. We also had Letty as our Doula which again was the best thing we did. I don't know about you but sometimes, even though your partner is the closest person to you and you love them dearly, you just don't want to hear their advice. It’s hard to explain but sometimes hearing coaching from them sounds wrong yet the same words from a third person just works. So, take a stressful situation like labour where both of you are pretty wired and I knew that trying to tell my wife what she should do through a surge may end up with some choice expletives returned my way...or worse! That's why having Letty with us was perfect; she was an anchor to both my wife and I, and having spent many evenings with her already, was a familiar friend who we felt totally comfortable to have at our home birth. She stayed with us from start to finish, kept us both calm throughout, gave me ideas of how to keep myself useful (aside from making tea) and kept everything we learnt in our Wise Hippo course in the moment.

Simply put, I'm sure myself and my wife owe the happy memories of the birth of our daughter to the help of Letty that night and still to this day are filled with immense gratitude for her help.



We really couldn’t thank Letty and Flick enough, their wise hippo course and Letty’s breastfeeding session completely changed our perception of birth and allowed us to have our first baby at home.
Rather than approach the birth with fear we were able to prepare for and have a very positive birth. After just the first session we couldn’t believe how much they had changed our understanding of birth! Having also attended both this course and the NCT course (including breastfeeding sessions) we would without a doubt recommend this more highly. We also had Letty as our doula, again, the support she gave us both before the birth and during was invaluable and we can’t thank her enough. We are very lucky to have found these ladies and cannot recommend them more highly.



I cannot thank Felicity and Letty enough for all their support and guidance throughout my pregnancy and also after the birth. I was thrilled to find out that we were expecting our first baby (especially after being told we possibly couldn't have children) and that excitement quickly turned into fear and panic. People were very quick to tell me their negative birth stories and this was petrifying. I came across Blown Away Birthing online and thought I would give it a try.
Wow - the first class was amazing and immediately I felt sheer relief and had a wave of confidence that I could do this (all from one session!) the rest of the sessions continued to be amazing and my confidence grew and grew.
I had a fairly easily pregnancy until the 34 week mark when I was in hospital due to complications, but I remained calm and relaxed and went with the flow. I had the confidence to question the health professionals and push for what I wanted to make sure my baby was going to be safe and healthy. Without the course I wouldn't have been able to do this before!
My labour and birth wasn't what I initially had planned, due to having to be induced but it was the right birth for me and my baby on the day and I am extremely proud of how my partner and I coped throughout, using all the new techniques we had been taught.
A massive thank you to you both!! I highly recommend this course to everyone!!



Felicity and Letty were amazing to myself and my partner for the birth of our first child. We had no idea what to expect and they covered everything we needed to know on how to have the most natural and comfortable birth we could. Unfortunately, I had to have C section in the end, but they were so supportive and took time out of our sessions to come round and go through a brilliant Gentle approach for my C section. I also had my Placenta made into Capsules and the service was incredibly fast. Couldn’t have asked for more lovely ladies to help us through it all. Also, to know that they are still interested in how we are getting on with our little boy and loved them meeting him. Thanks girls.



Cannot thank Flick and Letty enough for providing me and my husband with such an amazing experience. We felt supported the whole way and this has continued after the birth of our daughter. What was covered in the sessions was exactly what we needed, providing us with information I wouldn't have known otherwise. Their friendly, kind and relaxed approach was just what I needed - and I birthed a calm and relaxed (mostly!) little bubba! I highly recommend them. Thank you again



Thanks to Letty and Flick, I had the right birth for me! They made me feel so much calmer with my second baby, a much different/better experience from baby number one! Would definitely recommend!



Letty and Flick's teachings took me from being terrified of the birth (and I am not exaggerating) to feeling in control and looking forward to the birth, which was a wonderful surprise. The course helped give my partner a clear role in how to support me in the birth. He loved the course and it helped us both understand how important his role was. He was brilliant and I was able to cope well with every twist and turn to have the right birth on the day. I can't recommend these girls enough.



I started off my pregnancy terrified (and I don't use that word lightly!) of birth.
After hearing positive things about hypnobirthing and particularly Flick and Letty I thought I'd give it a try as I had nothing to lose.
After just the first session I already felt so confident and by the end of the course I had gone a full 180* and had decided on a drug free home birth.
It was my first baby and at age 38 I faced a few hiccups along the way with the NHS not encouraging me to have a home birth but the constant care and confidence I gained from the course and from the girls kept me strong, even when I was 42+2 "late".
I spent the majority of my labour in a birthing pool with my patio doors open hearing the birds singing. I had the exact birth I'd concentrated and worked hard to achieve. My son was born at 4am in a birthing pool in my living room on one of the hottest days of the year (exactly as I had visualised). I can't even begin to thank the girls enough for all their help and teaching, I've heard of other hypnobirthing courses that don't go into as much detail as Flick and Letty's course so feel very lucky to have settled on this particular one.
The girls are so personable and no question is too silly (and I did ask a lot of questions!)
This is THE BEST money I have ever spent, forget the designer pram, cot and clothes, the birth is what you'll remember son and I are eternally grateful.


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