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There are two types of doula – birth doula and postnatal doula – I offer both!


'We had Letty as our Doula which was the best thing we did. Simply put, I'm sure myself and my wife owe the happy memories of the birth of our daughter to the help of Letty that night and still to this day are filled with immense gratitude for her help'


I trained with Maddie McMahon at Developing Doulas in 2013 and am a recognised member of Doula UK. I also mentor newly trained Doulas who have just started their working journey, see here for more about that.



Recognised Member of Doula UK (Birth)

Recognised member of Doula UK (Postnatal)

Hypnobirthing Instructor

ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor

Placenta Specialist

Paediatric First Aid

DBS Enhanced Disclosure

Fully Insured

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Birth Doula Support – Recognised status with Doula UK

‘Mothers using a labour doula were likely to have an easier and faster labour, needed fewer interventions and develop closer bonds with their babies.’

  • They are 50% less likely to need a caesarean section

  • 40% less likely to need forceps delivery

  • 60% less likely to ask for an epidural

  • Labour is an average 25% shorter

  • ‘After the birth, mothers were more likely to breastfeed and less likely to suffer from postnatal depression’


These benefits have been recognised by the World Health Organisation.


Doulas are not there to be a nurse, midwife or any other kind of health professional. We are emotional and practical support through your journey, only. I am not medically trained and will not replace or interfere with the midwife or doctor. The care I offer is complementary to that of your midwife.


As your birth doula, I can support you through your pregnancy, visiting you at least twice to build a relationship with you and walk with you as you make your choices for birth and beyond. Knowing your preferences, any fears or concerns you may have and your dreams for the birth and after will help me to tailor-make the support for you and enable me to provide what you may need from me during labour.


I can offer you information to help you make informed decisions about your care and nurture you with practical help, hints and tips for pregnancy, birth and parenting. Doulas are like well-informed friends, sisters or mothers. We offer support without judgement, therefore empowering you to feel confident in the choices you are making.


I will be available to you 24/7 from 38 weeks and once you call me, I will stay with you (and your partner), supporting the both of you, until at least 2 hours after your baby is born. Sometimes babies like to turn up before 38 weeks and in this scenario I would endeavour to be with you as soon as I reasonably can.

I am there to support both parents, making sure that your chosen birth partner is about to give you the love and support you need from them, whilst being cared for him/herself. I am certainly not there to replace your birth partner. A doula is a supportive labour companion giving encouragement and reassurance, as well as attending to practical needs. I am there to help you feel safe, secure and well cared for emotionally throughout the whole journey. I won’t leave you alone unless you ask me to; I want to make sure you have enough information to make decisions about your clinical care and to make the birth of your baby as positive an event as possible – however your baby is born.


After the birth, I will stay with you until are comfortable with your newborn. I can help you to begin your breastfeeding partnership with your baby if that is your chosen feeding method. I am a qualified ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor and I find this skill absolutely invaluable when supporting clients once baby is here. I will leave as soon as you are ready for some privacy.  I will then come and visit you postnatally, to talk through the birth, or any concerns you may have as a new parent.


I have experience in attending natural birth, water birth, induction, home birth, hospital birth (both birthing centre and delivery units), caesarean birth, twin birth, VBAC, assisted deliveries and birth after loss.

My Birth Doula Support fee is from £1850.

'Having Letty with us was perfect; she was an anchor to us both, and having spent many evenings with her already, was a familiar friend who we felt totally comfortable to have at our home birth. She stayed with us from start to finish, kept us both calm throughout and kept everything we had learnt in the moment'

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Postnatal Doula Support – Recognised status with Doula UK

‘I aim to ‘mother the mother’ so that she can mother her child’

The transition between carrying your baby during pregnancy and becoming a mother is huge and mothers need time to settle and adjust. Basically speaking, your needs as a new mother would seem simple to define: rest so you can heal, information and reassurance as you gain confidence, nourishing food and drink for yourself, a relinquishing of practical chores to someone else, a place to de-brief and talk about the birth itself and your emotions, and some mothering for yourself. Often, however, these needs are difficult to fulfil.


Often mothers feel overwhelmed and this is understandable in our modern culture. Extended families that might once have helped out are now either working themselves, living far away or unable to help with certain skills that they struggled with themselves during early motherhood. Financial demands might keep partners or other family members from being as available as they would like to be and mothers may have to go back to wage earning roles earlier.

As a new mother/mother-to-be does your list of needs include not only baby essentials but also someone to guarantee you sleep breaks, someone to sit with you and help you as you learn to nurse your baby, someone to listen wisely and non-judgementally to all your questions and feelings? That is what a postnatal doula does.


My basic role is to provide non-intrusive, non-judgemental support according to your family’s needs and wishes. I am there to facilitate your time to settle in, relax and heal, while ensuring that the familiar daily household routine remains as anchored as possible. I am there to free you up to do nothing but be with your baby and other family members, or to take the baby so that you can sleep, if that’s what is needed. My aim is to be the peace of mind factor.


Each mother and family is unique, so each will benefit from differing doula support. I undertake various tasks postnatally to suit your individual needs, which can include:


  • Emotional support for mother and baby – a listening ear is all some mothers need!

  • Physical care of mother and baby

  • Help with establishing feeding (breast or bottle)

  • Teaching or giving support with baby basics

  • Help with baby so that mum and dad can have time together to settle into their new roles

  • Help with older siblings

  • I can also provide general assistance with the running of the household, including some light housework, such as laundry, washing up, shopping, cooking, plant and pet care, errands and any other reasonable requests.


My Postnatal Doula Support Fee is £22 per hour.

I also offer overnight support at £25 per hour.


A minimum deposit of 20 hours is due on booking and we can then make week to week arrangements. Please ask me for further payment information.

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'The birth experience could not have been more different to that of our first baby and I thank Letty and the hypnobirthing techniques for that. She enabled me to feel confident and in control leading up to and during my labour and we’re so thrilled that we got the birth that we wanted'

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